It’s raining …

… dogs.  Seems like every time I pick up the phone, it is someone wanting to relinquish a dog.  Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough foster homes to get them all into rescue.  We were able, however, to take these three in … Pip, Bella and Ruffy.  Pip has been here a while; Bella arrived the 26th of February and Ruffy, March 18th.  Their stories echo the many who have passed through previously.  Pip was a stray; Bella and Ruffy both came from households with small children where there weren’t enough hours in the day to meet all the needs of the little ones … be they two-legged or four.

Pip (l) and Bella (r)

Tomorrow, Bella leaves for her new home … Texas!!  While we normally do not take part in out-of-state adoptions, Bella’s placement is with a very dear friend (Mazzi) and I know she’ll have a great home.  Pip is equally fortunate.  I’ll fly her down to San Antonio later where she’ll take up residence with Bella.  These two get along fabulously and I’m sure Bella will be apsolutely delighted with Pip’s arrival.

If you’re looking for a young, handsome guy, you’re in luck!  Available for placement now, is this boy … Ruffy.  At 16-months old, he’s a real charmer and would make a great addition to any family.  He’s neutered, working very hard on his housetraining, and gets along with dogs and cats alike.  If interested in Ruffy, please contact me directly at:  And thanks to our newest foster parents — Debra and Mark — for taking him in!


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