A Toast …

… to a new star in the heavens tonight.  A beautiful, shining red star.  It is, indeed, fitting that we raise a glass of red wine to honor her memory.  Or, perhaps, to drown our sorrow at her passing.  What she added to our lives cannot be measured except by the heart. 

Fly now, once again whole, to the high and ancient mountains … the ancestral home beckons.
Kai-La-Sha Alright Alreddy     11/06/97 – 3/21/11

6 Replies to “A Toast …”

  1. Vickie, my heart goes out to you tonight. Your Ali is such a beautiful girl, and your abundant love for her has always shone through in all your postings, so I know this must be so difficult for you. Please know my Tzus and I are sending you gentle hugs and prayers.


  2. My heart aches along with yours… What a beautiful girl, what a once in a lifetime companion, what a joy that you shared so many wonderful years together. She shines brightly in your heart.

  3. Vickie, I am so sorry to hear of Ali’s passing. She was a very lucky girl to have you to love and care for her all of her life. I wish all of our canine friends could live such a life as she. You have my deepest condolences on the passing of your very dear and special friend. May your pain be replaced in time by the pleasant and happy memories of her.
    I still haven’t gotten another dog since the passing of my Brandy in December 2009. I am ready, but can’t afford one right now. Hopefully, someday soon…

  4. May the memories you have of her bring you comfort in the days to come. What a beautiful girl you had, you were truly blessings to each other.

    Cheryl and Kirby

  5. May the experiences shared and the memories created together ease the pain, fill the void and emptiness and provide comfort during this difficult time.

  6. Oh, Vickie, I am so very sorry to hear this. I think it was thanks to Ali and AOL that I got to know you. I don’t have any red wine handy but I’ll find something red to toast her with. Sending you guys lots of hugs.

    P.S. She was gorgeous!

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