A rather quiet year …

I really, really should update this more often! However, like everyone else, things just seem to direct our attention elsewhere these days.  Between work, rescue, the house/yard and our own personal pack of three Apsos, time just slips through our fingers.

Rescue saw two placements and a return in 2017. Sammy the Shih Tzu finally went to his new home in Loveland and is settling in well.  Lucy the Lhasa was returned due to not getting along with the toddler in the household (when she was originally placed, there was no child in the home!!).  After about six weeks in foster care, she was placed in Denver with the gal who adopted our puppy mill rescue, MaeMae, in 2009.  Lucy is loving urban life and all the excitement that goes with it, including walks 3+ times a day.

On a somber note, we were advised that our long-time supporter, Judy Wendt, passed away January 2017.  You may remember Judy as little blind Magoo’s owner.  I’m sure he met her at the Bridge, sight and mind restored.  True to her word, Judy included ApsoRescueColorado in her estate planning.  We are humbled and most grateful for the donation to further our rescue efforts.  With the new PACFA laws in Colorado, it will allow us to pay the yearly licensing fee and still have funding available for veterinary care.

We had our own personal scare with a “Night Tiger” recently … a Great Horned Owl buzzed Teller in the yard just after sunset.  Hubby was outside with him when the raptor made a dive for Teller — despite Hubby being just feet away from him!  Fearless hunters, human presence is no deterrent.  A heart-stopping sight to see a GHO just three feet above one’s dog!  He flew up into a small tree just east of the kitchen and then stayed there long enough for me to shoo Teller into the house, get my camera and snap a photo. Bold little bugger!

Here’s to the new year, come what may!

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