Unsung heros …

… come in many forms.  And our rescue organization couldn’t function as efficiently nor as effectively without their generous help.  This post is to gratefully recognize the contributions of those who make rescue possible in all ways.

Michelle, who adopted Emma and then became a foster home in Northern Colorado.  She is also our Webmistress, taking good care of our website.  We’ll forgive her for moving to Texas.  Sue Seaton in Centennial, covering our home visits in the metro Denver area.   Jackson’s Mom (another of our foster dogs), Linda Gattis, who stepped up and answered a desperate plea to foster an 8-month old puppy (neither house trained or crate trained).  John and Neil who wanted to honor the memory of their Stoli by becoming a foster home.  They’ve worked wonders with their first foster, Bubba, and we’re thankful to have a foster home in the area again.  To those who have opened up your hearts and homes when needed … thank you!

Then there are the folks who have gone above and beyond to get a dog to us … Tom the Trucker, picking Mae-Mae up in Missouri … the wonderful ladies, Linda and Lisa, at C.A.R.E., bringing us Bubba and, just this past Tuesday night, Emmy, from Kansas … Marilyn Whisman from Wichita who cared for and got Emmy to the pick-up place … Pat from Pueblo who made sure little blind Magoo was safe and made his way to Castle Rock for the pick-up … the ladies from Denver who delivered Elvis to us after he’d been wandering a Capitol Hill neighborhood for weeks, a matted mess … Rachel from Sterling who made the trip to Fort Collins with Sterling (hey, it seemed like a good name for a stray!) … Odean, watching over the breed from cyberspace, scouring online shelter listings for Apsos in need and getting the word out to various rescue groups.  Those of you living in the West know that “local” is a relative term.  “Local” meaning 10 miles or 200 miles and it is no small feat to arrange or coordinate some of these transports.  For those who have journeyed on behalf of a dog in need of rescue … thank you!

As a non-profit rescue, we operate solely on adoption fees and donations … funds which are used only for medical treatment on incoming dogs.  To the foster homes who have provided — out of their own pockets — food, toys, treats, bedding, crates and whatever else it takes to successfully integrate a dog into a home … thank you for making sure the needs of your fosters are met in all areas.

Last, but certainly not least, the folks who have so generously made monetary donations or given discounts or goods so we can continue our work … Dr. Sherry, our fabulous vet at NorthShore Animal Hospital … Kathy, who knows our heart, sending donations and words of encouragement … Michelle’s Mom and Uncle Skip, watching our work from Pennsylvania … Trudi, who remembers us on Ka Tu’s “Gotcha” anniversary date … Connie Spears … Vickie Gallagher … our friends at Schering-Plough who donated the folders we use for our adoption packets … Jan Bloomenrader (who also adopted Kersey) and Judy Wendt (who adopted Magoo).  Thank you for remembering this ancient breed in your charitable giving.

Look in the mirror folks and gazing back you’ll see the face of rescue in each and every one of you … thank you!

In closing, this post would not be complete without a humble thank you to the “DogDaddy” … my husband, Alan.  It is with his assistance and blessing that we’ve been able to care for the many fosters over the past decade — and we simply couldn’t do it as well without him.  He’s the self-appointed poop picker … rides along with us on dog runs … cleans up messes — and messy bottoms … scootches over in the recliner, making room for yet another dog … and no longer rolls his eyes when I tell him we have another foster coming in.

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