Jumping In …

… and trying  to get everyone up to speed.  Lots of things going on in the past month, including a trip to San Antonio to escort Pip to her new home and a major home renovation just getting underway.  I have a feeling that “caught up” will be elusive at best and a return to “normal” will be greatly wished for about day three of the hardwood install.  Never mind the paint and tile work afterwards.

Bella, Mazzi and PippyDo

I flew little Pip to her new home in Texas with Mazzi and Bella as well as meeting up with long-time Shuh Tzu cyberfriends.  Seven of us have been corresponding for years (some for over a decade) and we meet up whenever the opportunity presents itself.  This is the first time so many of us have gathered in one place and it was great to finally meet everyone.  Bella was ecstatic to see her little friend again and a good romp was the first order of business.

Dave with Ruffy, Max and Maggie (l-r)

Just before I headed to Texas, Ruffy (n/k/a “Kirby”) went to his new home with David and Kay in Loveland.  He joins two other Apsos — Maggie and Max — and settled in quite nicely.  Long the queen of the house, Maggie decided Kirby is a little prince and allows him special privileges.  Like sitting on the back of the couch and watching out the same window.  And playing with her toys.  Life is good!!

To top it all off, we have a new rescue coming in this afternoon … Leo … a 3-year old male that doesn’t appreciate  the 3-year old human in the house.  More on him later as we get him vetted and settled into rescue.

It’s raining …

… dogs.  Seems like every time I pick up the phone, it is someone wanting to relinquish a dog.  Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough foster homes to get them all into rescue.  We were able, however, to take these three in … Pip, Bella and Ruffy.  Pip has been here a while; Bella arrived the 26th of February and Ruffy, March 18th.  Their stories echo the many who have passed through previously.  Pip was a stray; Bella and Ruffy both came from households with small children where there weren’t enough hours in the day to meet all the needs of the little ones … be they two-legged or four.

Pip (l) and Bella (r)

Tomorrow, Bella leaves for her new home … Texas!!  While we normally do not take part in out-of-state adoptions, Bella’s placement is with a very dear friend (Mazzi) and I know she’ll have a great home.  Pip is equally fortunate.  I’ll fly her down to San Antonio later where she’ll take up residence with Bella.  These two get along fabulously and I’m sure Bella will be apsolutely delighted with Pip’s arrival.

If you’re looking for a young, handsome guy, you’re in luck!  Available for placement now, is this boy … Ruffy.  At 16-months old, he’s a real charmer and would make a great addition to any family.  He’s neutered, working very hard on his housetraining, and gets along with dogs and cats alike.  If interested in Ruffy, please contact me directly at:  ApsoRescue@aol.com.  And thanks to our newest foster parents — Debra and Mark — for taking him in!