Homies …

We renamed this page to “Homies” as it encompasses more than just Dante …

The old man of the house is “Boogins,” our 16-year old cat, adopted from the Larimer Humane Society as an eight-week old kitten in 1997.  Brought home as “my cat,” he and hubby quickly bonded and I just became hired help in the house.  This photo was taken in summer of 2012 …




Dante sired a litter with a Canadian Champion in 2012 … here’s the little guy we brought home:  Apsolutely FFT Tell Me No Lies a/k/a “Teller.”  Like his sire before him, Teller has a mind of his own when it comes to the conformation ring and training classes.

:::yawn:::  Do we have to do the hair thing this morning, Mom??
:::yawn::: Do we have to do the hair thing this morning, Mom??



Some of you have been following the adventures of Dante and I as we made our way into the show ring (2006).  To say it’s been a challenge would be an understatement!!  He’s managed to hold his own, however, and is doing quite well, taking multiple Best of Breed (BOB) placements.  We’ll see what the rest of the year brings.  Some favorite photos taken by Karen Evasuik of Evasuik Custom Design (she really does a fabulous job!) …

Front shot (2)

Update:    Dante … despite his handler … managed to finish 12th in the breed in the nation for 2008.  Not bad for his first year as a special!!


Every now and again, I manage to get a good shot of the animals.  Just roused for the day and sitting sleepy-eyed in the dappled morning light with a typical Dante hair-do.  I particularly like the angle of the shot with only one eye showing and the lighting.  It draws one into the photo …

A sleepy Tuesday morning ...

In October of 2011, Dante picked up Best of Breed in the first-ever American Lhasa Apso Club cut-down sweepstakes.  We entered with the hope of him getting around the ring with no new behaviors thrown in for interest as he’d not been shown for about 18 months (he’s notorious for that).  Dante did everything I asked of him … and then some!

BOB – Cut Down Sweepstakes


While this is Dante’s page, he’s not the only dog in our house.  There’s also Ali, 12-years old, and Frankie, who is 9-years old.

Ali ... grande dame
Ali … grande dame

Above is a shot of Ali supervising a pot-planting day recently.  She’s been in full coat most of her life, having the proper texture which makes it easy-care.  She can literally go three weeks+ without a brushing … or a mat.   One of the best coats I’ve ever seen on an Apso.  She’s a dark red with a black overlay and tipping.  Totally unflappable, she moves seamlessly from moment to moment, taking every thing and every activity in stride.  Adopted as an adult at 2.5-years old, she’s been an apsolute joy all these years … my beautiful red girl.

Update:  Sadly, we lost Ali on March 21, 2011 at 13+ years old.  While this isn’t the first Apso we’ve lost — and certainly won’t be the last — it has cut the deepest.

Image103 cropAnd then there’s my little “yard guard,” Frankers, who takes his job quite seriously.  Never know when a blackbird or a squirrel will need to be chased off the premises.

Frankers was my first male dog … ever.  He came to me as an 8-month old puppy and I was to home school him.  Either I’m a really bad teacher or he’s a poor student because he never left.  Actually, he’s a bright boy and about as sweet as they come … we just couldn’t let him go.  My little velcro buddy.  Want to know where Frankers is at?  Just find Mom!

17 Replies to “Homies …”

  1. hey Mr. Dante….
    you are such a cool lookin’ dude! I bet all the lhasa dudettes just LOVE seeing you strut your stuff!

    You go Dante!
    Marg, Tiki & Miss Tulip

  2. Love the pics! Very well groomed – pups!
    The in the ring pictures are beautiful!
    Oh! not to cloud the spot light on Dante…But Ali is a very pretty lady herself!

  3. Beautiful dogs! I have been so blessed to find little Winston (last summer ’10) – since they say Lhasos were only given as gifts in Tibet, I pretend that my Sheltie Austin, who will be 14 this year, provided me with Winston as a departing gift (hopefully not for a while yet, but 16 is usually the top).

    I so love my Austin – had him since he was 8 weeks old. It will be tough when he leaves, but then again he gave me Winston to keep me company! 😉

    Winston, who was on a street corner, matted with fleas, and intact, is a wonderful addition to our home (after he was cleaned up and neutuered of course – lol). I am so excited to have found out about this great breed!!!!

    You red girl is beautiful. I am hoping that Winston in full length hair will stay unmatted….just have to wait and see.

  4. Beautiful dogs! I have been so blessed to find little Winston (last summer ’10) – since they say Lhasos were only given as gifts in Tibet, I pretend that my Sheltie Austin, who will be 14 this year, provided me with Winston as a departing gift (hopefully not for a while yet, but 16 is usually the top).

  5. you are lucky to have such beautiful dogs, here in norway this dogs are so expensive so I can only afford one, but she’s my best friend, and I spend all of my time whith her. I live on a farm and she can run loose all the time. I have an shih tzu to, he needed a new home when he was 5 years old, and i couldn’t say no. I have a lot of space and plenty of time to spend whith them. I love this dogs and would do anything for them.

  6. Vickie,
    I love all the photos of the pups! They are so gorgeous. So sorry about
    Ali. But you and I have both been there before. BJ will be 13 in May so
    I have begun to worry about him as I lost Benji at 12yrs. I still have BJ
    in long coat – never had a hair cut. His eyes are going and now he has
    developed arthristis(?) in his back, but otherwise he is healthy. Take
    care of all of you.

  7. I loved reading about your Lhasa. I lost my 17 year old Solomon 2 months ago and miss him so much. I couldn’t believe how much he looked like your Dante.

    I am a 74 year old widow who would like to buy a pure bred Lhasa from an ethical and reputable breeder. I am on a wait list with just such a breeder for a puppy in the Spring of 2016 but saw your website and wondered about getting an older Lhasa that needs rescuing. I don’t know if you are involved in this area but thought I would ask.
    Thank you.
    Marlene Stazicker

  8. Your Dante looks like our first Lhasa Erin, and Ali looks like my Keely which I just lost a month ago and I miss her terrible ….. Maybe in the future we will get another Lhasa….

  9. I am looking forLhaso Also type dog, they very cute How I can get a small nice dog young female. I need your suggestion. Thx

  10. I would suggest you utilize Petfinder.com in your search … lots of dogs out there needing homes! A young female is going to be difficult to find as that’s a very popular request.

  11. I want to adopt the Lhasa apso dog puppy. Please kindly consider my request and help me.

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