Nine Hours Later …

… we had two 8-month old Apsos home and clean.  Not only matted but urine-soaked feet and bellies.  It took three people and almost six hours to get them cleaned up.  Matted to the skin in various places on their heads, muzzles and around the neck, chest and shoulders.  Feces caked on the rear.  

These boys are horses … I’d guess they weigh 21+ pounds (to put it in perspective, my boys weigh 14.5 to 15 pounds at maturity).  Golden in color with black tipping.  And exceptional temperaments.  Through it all, the only thing they offered were kisses.  No snapping, no biting, no whining … that’s saying a lot given what it took to get them cleaned up. 

They could be twins and we’re having difficulty telling them apart.  At the moment, one has retained baby canines, the other doesn’t.  Neuters are scheduled for the 19th.  They have a bit of separation anxiety but we’re working through that … 

Dawa and Momo
Rub-a-dub-dub ... Apso in the tub
Linda (l) and Debbie (r)

These little cuties … well, not so little … will be available for adoption in the next four to six weeks.  They need to be neutered, caught up on their vaccinations and microchipped.  We’re also in the midst of contacting a trainer/animal behaviorist to work on their separation anxiety.  While they’re getting better, we want to make sure we’re doing all we can for them to ensure they are well-adjusted.

Update:   Spoke with the trainer/behaviorist today.  She does not believe they have separation anxiety.  As they lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets, every noise was responded to by the owner so that behavior [barking] was reinforced by the attention.  We’re ignoring the barking and it should extinquish itself in the next four to six days.  We’re also using a D.A.P. diffuser and spray as a calming agent.

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  1. Wow – these little guys were lucky to have made their way to your rescue! We are really enjoying your blog, the links and the wonderful pictures of Dawa & Momo! They have already captured our hearts! What beautiful boys! Can’t wait to meet them in person!

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