Update …

… on our little senior, Kalsang who went to his new home in September.  He’s doing just fabulous and his new Mom thinks he’s pretty special …

Kalsang and Mary

“We got the I.D. yesterday and appreciate all the trouble you went to for us.  Halloween was very quiet but Kalsang was good and seemed to understand what was going on.   He is a big hit at the Dog Club [training class] because he is more of a senior observer and contributes his wisdom when he feels like it. Ha Ha.  I personally think he is the cutest dog there.  He performs when he has his turn and then stays quiet laying by my side.  He loves going and enjoys the social part and the different smells.  He may have a little trouble with ears and eyes but his nose is in overdrive!  We try to walk twice a day for about 20 minutes each time and he isn’t as concerned when I leave because he is allowed to roam the house more freely and I tell him I’ll be back soon and he knows I mean it.  We have cut way back on treats because he is more secure now. He is just the most perfect dog!  He does love to get covered with snow and talk about muddy feet!  But what’s a mother to do.  I just love the fact that he doesn’t mind being cleaned up after he has a good romp in the yard.  He is laying near me now.  I really have the “good fortune”.    Later,  Mary

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