The Golden Boy …

TodayKalsang we have an update on Kalsang (now known as “Biscuit”) from his owner, Mary.  Picked up as a stray by the Larimer Humane Society, we were called in when it became obvious the boy needed a major dose of TLC.

“It’s hard to describe the bond between Biscuit and me….we are so in tune with each other. He is the most perfect dog and we couldn’t have a better life. I still think it was a miracle finding him sitting at that booth, after falling in love with him on the internet, thinking he was probably already adopted. I had never been over to the animal house and certainly didn’t know you would be there. It was divine providence and we needed each other so much.

He is spoiled rotten but is still very much the little gentleman. He is doing well physically, thinks he’s a pup, albeit a couch-potato pup, and it’s comical how we communicate. I talk to him like I would anybody and he knows just what I’m telling him. He cocks his head and stares at me and he listens and he just knows. That took a while and I love it! We seniors get along just fine! He is always close to me, even comes down to the basement when I practice clarinet. That’s true love!

I have seen the recent pictures of dogs you have placed in homes and God bless you for your work. These dogs have so much affection and companionship to share and it’s your work and dedication that saves them. Hope you are keeping cool in this humid weather. We are doing as little as possible. Try it, it works. Love and best wishes, Mary”

What a delight to hear that he’s doing so well.  And I’m sure he believes Mary set the moon and stars just for him!  Given his condition when he arrived at the shelter, it was obvious he had long been neglected.  Golden years for the golden boy.

Biscuit is, no doubt, having a better summer than our household.  Still in the midst of the home update, I’ve decided that as long as I have:  a shower, a toilet, and some place to wash my clothes, everything else is just white noise.  Seriously.  As with most major home projects, we’ve had some unexpected issues crop up.  Like a leak in the pipes underneath the sink and going down an exterior wall.  Which means we’re without water in the kitchen or a dishwasher until it’s repaired … sometime next week.  In any event, I’m keeping my sights set on Labor Day to be moved back in.  Or at least moving back in.

The dogs have been troopers throughout the whole ordeal … watching the furniture disappear … seeing all the carpet in the house walk out the door … moving into the unfinished basement … moving into the brother-in-law’s house for eight days while the floors were being sanded/sealed … moving back in.  With still no furniture on the main floor.  Given that both Frankers and Dante are crate trained, they settle in wherever we happen to land, finding “normal” in the familiar.  Having a crate handy — and a dog that willing goes into his crate — is also a boon when it comes to the various workmen traipsing throughout the house.  Keeps the dogs calm (read that “quiet”) and out of the way … definitely appreciated by all involved!

Update …

… on our little senior, Kalsang who went to his new home in September.  He’s doing just fabulous and his new Mom thinks he’s pretty special …

Kalsang and Mary

“We got the I.D. yesterday and appreciate all the trouble you went to for us.  Halloween was very quiet but Kalsang was good and seemed to understand what was going on.   He is a big hit at the Dog Club [training class] because he is more of a senior observer and contributes his wisdom when he feels like it. Ha Ha.  I personally think he is the cutest dog there.  He performs when he has his turn and then stays quiet laying by my side.  He loves going and enjoys the social part and the different smells.  He may have a little trouble with ears and eyes but his nose is in overdrive!  We try to walk twice a day for about 20 minutes each time and he isn’t as concerned when I leave because he is allowed to roam the house more freely and I tell him I’ll be back soon and he knows I mean it.  We have cut way back on treats because he is more secure now. He is just the most perfect dog!  He does love to get covered with snow and talk about muddy feet!  But what’s a mother to do.  I just love the fact that he doesn’t mind being cleaned up after he has a good romp in the yard.  He is laying near me now.  I really have the “good fortune”.    Later,  Mary