Winter …

First snow… has arrived in Colorado.  Even though it’s not actually “winter”  yet as December 21st is still a ways off.  Nevertheless, winter is here.  Our first snow dumped 14 inches on the flat and formed drooping cornices where the wind swirled off the back of the garage.  One good snow and I’m ready for spring.  I dread the short days that come with a return to Mountain Standard Time, preferring the long lazy days of summer.  I’d much rather watch the flowers grow and the dogs play in the yard than heavy gray skies and blowing snow.

The dogs don’t seem to share the same sentiment.  First snow and they’re doing their best snowplow impression, kicking up heels as they run to and fro.  Every now and again, a nose is dropped and the plow carves out a long furrow.  A face finally emerges, encrusted with snow crystals … a proper little mountain dog from Tibet!

Image025We added a bit of color to the winter landscape this year … a vertical Tibetan prayer flag.  Lots of prayers going up that day!  You’ll note we have double fencing — wooden privacy and a 24-inch high interior fence.  The short fence was put up for several reasons:  (1) to prevent the boys from fence fighting with the dogs to the east and south, (2) to confine all of them to the grass areas and out of the bark, (3) to keep Frankers from chasing squirrels and re-injuring his SI joint, and (4) to keep Dad’s partially-blind Tzu from getting lost in the vegetation behind the garage.  Success on all accounts and it has definitely cut down on the barking outside.  A  good thing as barking dogs are not tolerated.  It’s rude and neither I — nor the neighbors — want to hear it.

Franker’s favorite part of winter is … when Mom drags out the fleece throw and curls up on the couch.  He’s claimed the spot right behind my knees, settling in for a long evening nap.  Standing beside the couch he waits until I’m settled and then hops up … never fails no matter what season it is.  He eventually gets too warm and starts panting.  At that point, I have to tell him to get down as he won’t leave on his own.  That’s my boy.

May you all have a warm fire and a dog at your feet for the winter.

Addendum:  Since we’re on the subject of winter, a couple photos taken with yet another storm that blew through Nov. 14th …


One of the birdhouses made by my father … after he retired he enjoyed putzing around in the yard and doing woodwork.  His back fence was lined with houses for the little red finches.

Below, our Green Man sporting a snowy cap along with a nose warmer …


3 Replies to “Winter …”

  1. I live in Colorado, I have the warm fire, I have the little dog (a blind Chinese Crested), but…I’m not yet used to all the snow that falls here when winter really goes into full swing.

    My dog LOVES it. She does this snow-diving thing that, at first, scared me – headfirst, she jumps in and, somehow, manages to not suffocate until she emerges at the other end of the yard! I have to bring her in before she wants to, tho, as I’m afraid her little footpads will freeze, and I can’t find booties that will stay on her busy feet!

  2. I should have built a few mice houses since they all want to join me in my own house in the winter.

    Hmmm – wonder if that could be a future business for the soft-hearted? Ads featuring pictures of little mice wearing rags and trying to warm their teeny paws over teenier fires as they gaze longingly thru the windows of our homes?

    Can’t be too crazy. The woman who lived here before me fed and sheltered the skunks. The first year I was here, the entire house, AND my clothing, smelled so badly I didn’t want to go anywhere, and the little stinkers still came around every night for their dry cat food and grapes…

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