McKenzie …

… went to her new home in Laramie, Wyoming recently.  Tom and Liz advise that she’s settling in and doing quite well, all things considered.  This little one has come a long way since she first arrived in rescue.

Here’s what Liz has to say about ‘Kenzie …

We were just talking about shooting you a e-mail. This weekend she was introduced to the family and got to hang out at a family garage sale. She did really well when the little kids were around, but we were monitoring both the kids and Kenzie really closely. She really liked the other dogs. She walked up to several strangers and sniffed them. Which we were so surprised she would do that.
Today after I got out of class, she was running all through the house. It was pretty cute to watch. She gets to sleep on the bed with one of us until the other comes to bed. (Often times we go to bed at different times, so she gets to sleep for an hour or two before one of us kennels her.)
I think she’s pretty happy. She’s been playing with her toys. We bought her a dinosaur and she throws him around. It is pretty cute to watch. She is really anxious about going outside so be purchased a DAP collar and are hoping that will be in this week some time. Maybe it will help her not be so freaked out. She doesn’t like people to walk behind her and will wait until you pass her before she continues walking. She’s doing well with potty training, but if she gets distracted it is pretty hard to refocus her on the task at hand.


Wishing them all “Lhasa” happy, healthy years together!

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