Sammy and ‘Kenzie …

Fancy schmancy new smart phone … please excuse the bad videography lol.  Finding that one must be smarter than the phone!

Former foster, Sammy, was back for a visit; current foster, ‘Kenzie, decided he was pretty good company!  ‘Kenzie is the little one from the puppymill on the eastern plains of Colorado … look at how far she’s come out of her shell!  And being the lucky little dog that she is, she’s going to her new home tomorrow.

3 Replies to “Sammy and ‘Kenzie …”

  1. She has come along ways! They are adorable! I enjoyed the video. So happy to hear she is going to her new home tommorrow. Lucky dog.

  2. Where is  Kenzie homed? how old is she? And what is her cost to adopt?

    Thanks Rose

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