The Pitter Patter …

… of puppy feet!!  Well, not quite but at least the puppies have arrived.  We’re very excited as these are Dante babies.  He was bred to a Canadian champion in early March and the puppies arrived the evening of May 7th.  Thankfully all are doing well;  the pups are thriving and gaining weight daily.  Welcome, little ones!

#1 Female gold sable 4.2 oz
#2 Male Red sable …. Ta Dah!!! I Is Here!!!
#3 Male gold sable w white blaze & markings … a flashy little boy
#4 Male Gold sable 4.4 oz

3 Replies to “The Pitter Patter …”

  1. Oh Vickie, how precious. You just want to gobble him up with a spoon! Congratulations Dear Lady!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see #4 all grown up! He’s a darling beauty
    Thank you so much for sharing!! Even though we have 3 of these angel dogs, we’ve never seen one this small. #2 made us think of our Teddy Bear. Coloring is similar and when he begs, he holds his paws like that. We’ve taught him to “Praise the Lord” to get him to do that. None of the others beg like that!

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