From the Wilds of Wyoming …

Heeeeelp … somebody needs to bust me outta here!

UPDATE:  Dakota found a new home at an adoption event in Fort Collins!! Wooohooo!

… a pardner in desperate need of a jail break! Sounds like a tale from the old West, yes? Good guy in the pokey (okay, so he’s a little rowdy at times). Well aware of the fate that may await him, his equally-as-rowdy friends stage a jail break. Here’s the information picked off his “wanted” poster …

Wondering if you know anyone who might be interested in this little guy or if you could do an e-mail to your contacts ~ I sure would appreciate it!! He is currently at our shelter.(Lusk ,Wyoming), He is a three-time escapee and the owner no longer wants to deal with him.

Name: Dakota

Age: Unknown–Young… Still is very active and likes to play

Sex: Neutered Male

Kids:  Great with kids, lived with an 11-month old baby and a three-year old

Other Dogs: Lived with an unneutered male Doxie, and an unspayed female cat who was in heat. He liked to chase the cat but I believe it was play on both sides (I babysat for the “owners” so I saw his behavior first-hand).

He listens pretty well except he bolts when left outside. Will need a good fenced yard and someone who can give him stability.  Any question or if interested, please call Cindy Decker at (307) 851-8450 or email at

Okay folks, it doesn’t take much effort to corral a youngster who bolts at the door. A leash always at the door can be clipped on so he can’t scoot out. Better yet, training!! If really lazy, one can always utilize the Bow-Wow Barrier.

Round up your posse and head to Wyoming to meet his little fella!

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