News on Bubba …

This past Friday, August 6th, was Bubba’s third vet visit since his arrival on July 1st.  He’s looking fabulous … the hair has grown back in on his rear, legs and tail.  His ears are no longer infected and he’s down to 19.2 pounds.  A complete turn-around from when he first arrived.  A big thank-you to John and Neil who have gotten him to this point!!  Our foster homes are really what makes this national rescue organization work and we certainly couldn’t do it without their help. 

Given the good report on Friday, Bubba is ready to find his forever home … and someone who can appreciate his finer qualities.  He’s crate trained, housetrained (yes, that is correct, housetrained), sleeps quietly through the night, gets along with other dogs and is just an all-around nice dog. 

Bubba does have “KCS” or dry eye and will require daily drops for the rest of his life.  However, he’s a good boy and sits patiently while he’s being tended.  The cost of the ointment is fairly nominal and can be found online. 

Here’s a good before/after collage … he’s the white dog, sharing the buggy with housemate, Ollie …

Bubba -- before & after

If interested in adopting Bubba, please contact me directly at:

One Reply to “News on Bubba …”

  1. Hello:

    I live in West Hollywood, CA and have my home up for sale. I will be moving to the Arvada/Golden, CO area. I am friends with Randee of Lhasa Happy Home here in Los Angeles.

    When I get to Colorado I would LOVE to help you. Please keep me posted.

    Cell 213-248-0469

    Thank yo for all you do.


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