Fresh from the garden …

While this has absolutely nothing to do with Apsos — unless one counts the fact there is always one (or three) underfoot when cooking in the kitchen, making a four-legged furry obstacle course — I thought I’d share a favorite recipe.

We have a small garden by most standards with carefully selected invitees … ‘maters, ‘taters, cukes and basil.  I would also plant dill for the caterpillars and to harvest as an herb.  However, one year’s crop ended up going to seed and hubby has banned me from planting it … probably because he was finding the stuff coming up all over in the landscaping for several years thereafter.  Hmmph.

This year we also have an abundant crop of moss roses planted hither and yon in the garden, the result of buying too many four-packs for the large  pots we fill with annuals.  If one looks closely enough, there are also the damned chokecherry seedlings that come up from the trees in the yard behind us.  Generally they pull up fairly easily unless it’s one that has suckered, which means it is almost impossible to remove short of using Round-Up.  Since we don’t use poisons in the garden, it is a never-ending battle.

While retrieving an errantly-thrown dog frisbee last evening, it came to my attention that we’d have fresh cukes off the vine today.  Ergo the recipe …

Creamy Cucumbers

Enjoy … as will I since they’re bathed in the creamy sauce at this very moment and Hubby is a straight-up vinegar guy!  The pupsters will get a bit of leftover steamed broccoli with their dinners tonight — consumed with gusto!

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  1. YUM! As you know, living in an apartment, I can’t very well grow veggies. Hell, even when I lived on an acre of property did I garden. But…others do! Co-worker brought in a bushel of cukes for me. I love them. Can’t wait to try this new recipe.

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