A Hard Day …

… for “the boys.”  Just two days short of nine months old, they were neutered today along with getting caught up on vaccinations, nail trims, microchips and, in the case of Jasper (formerly known as Mo), extraction of five retained baby teeth.  Unfortunately, the teeth were firmly embedded and required stitches afterwards so the poor little guy is hurting on both ends tonight.  While under anesthesia, Dawa had his ears inspected and flushed … he has an infection in both ears requiring medication for a week.  Both were whining when we got them home late this afternoon but that’s settled down.  Hopefully, they will sleep comfortably through the night — which means we will as well!

Upward facing dog ...

Jasper came home with an e-collar … you know, the thing that looks like a lamp shade which they bang on the floor, walls and everything else they come into contact with.  It was quickly replaced with a Bite-not collar.  Dawa started licking on his incision so a fast trip was made to Fort Collins in search of something besides the lampshade.  Couldn’t find a Bite-Not so we’re trying a ProCollar … seems to be working well and Dawa is comfortable enough in it to be snoozing in the floor after working on his yoga. 

During the exam before the neuter, the vet remarked on their slow, steady heartbeats.  A bit unusual as many small dogs are nervous at the vet, which increases their heart rates.  Not these boys … perfectly comfortable and engaging all the techs who came by to assist.  Doc Sherry was very impressed with how nice they are — something I’ve been telling hubby all along.  Good boys despite a very hard start in life.  They’re progressing with crate and house training.  Not perfect, but I have no doubt they’ll get it as we keep working with them.

Shhhhh ... Baby Jasper sleeping
Dawa and his "cigar"

One Reply to “A Hard Day …”

  1. Ahhhhh.. Such lucky guys to have you watching over them! Holler if I can help; I would love to meet them. Great pics and a wonderful update Vickie 🙂

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