Free subscription …

Few things are free in this day and age … or economy.  And do I ever have a deal for you!!  One can get their very own subscription to Apsolutely Newsworthy just by scrolling down on the right side, finding “Subscribe” and clicking on “Fetch!!”   Once signed up, you’ll get notification by email when we update the Blog.  Which may be hit or miss some weeks/months depending on what’s going on.

Is that a deal or what?  All brought to you by our friends at who are constantly finding ways to improve our blogging experience.  It also means you’ll stay current on our Apso journey … come along for the ride!

And speaking rides, tomorrow would be a good day to head to Denver for the dog show.  If you’ve never been to a dog show in Colorado, this is definitely the one to see!  Spread over four days, four floors and two buildings, you can find everything at this show … agility, rally, obedience and vendors galore.

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