Farewell, old friend …

… hard to believe you’ve graced our lives for double the time of an “average” marriage.  And what a “marriage” we’ve had all these years!!  Typical independent feline … a clown in a cat suit … teacher for the Apsos and foster dogs.  At 16.5-years old, you’ve had a long healthy run and for that we’re grateful.

Dementia and chronic kidney failure now claim these fleeting last hours.  I can see in your face and movements that the day no longer holds any comfort for you.  Sleep well, my beloved companion.  May your journey be swift, your memories bittersweet solace …

Boogins 1997 ~ 2013
1997 ~ 2013

6 Replies to “Farewell, old friend …”

  1. What a sweet, sweet boy. So very sorry Vickie. I will be making the same, difficult decision in the near future with our kitty.

  2. Oh Vickie, I am so sorry for your loss! Only an animal lover can understand your feelings, and I do understand. Once again, I am so sorry

  3. Thanks everyone … as much as we would have liked him to stick around a bit longer, it was time. He went downhill quickly which was a blessing. No drawn out scenes, no second guessing treament options. And it wasn’t on a holiday weekend in crisis mode. Much to be thankful for. I, too, love this photo of him as it captures his personality in spades … lucky to have it.

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