Need a last minute gift …

sunbeam-gourmet-treat-maker… for the pupsters?  Or dog parents?  Then you might want to check out Michelle’s product review of Sunbeam’s Gourmet Dog Treat Maker (some of you know Michelle from her work with us here in Colorado as a foster parent).

I have to admit it looks a whole lot easier than the treats I’ve made in the past which included mixing up dough, rolling it out, cutting what seemed like a jillion two-inch biscuits and then baking them.  My dogs — like Michelle’s — figured out very quickly what the timer on the oven meant!!  With all the dog-food related product recalls, making your own treats is certainly a way to ensure the four-leggers are getting healthy items for consumption.

Hmmmm … wonder if Santa Paws will be dropping this off at the house.


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