Wildlife … Colorado style!

On the Prowl

One of the joys of living in Colorado is the diversity of wildlife, be it on a mountain or in town.  Just never know what’s going to turn up.  Even birdwatching, we’ll find a surprise in a flash of yellow, blue or orange.  I just watched a Western Tanager visit our fountain, a bright spot on an overcast evening.  Last week, it was a yellow parakeet that caught my eye.  And I’m hoping that someone caught the ‘keet so it could be returned home.

We have a natural area about 10 miles northwest as the crow flies, Bobcat Ridge. The City of Fort Collins has set up a camera project on some of the trails to see what wildlife uses the area.  Some surprises in the photos, even for me living in the West most of my life … Wildlife camera: City of Fort Collins.  Enjoy!!

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