A Good Day …

… to be a dog in Colorado!  That was the theme for our rescue booth at the Larimer Humane Society’s Fire Hydrant 5k in Fort Collins on June 11th.  We had a beautiful Colorado day for the event — bright blue skies and light breeze.  Our fosters, Tootsie and Leo, were in attendance putting their best  paw forward.

Our thanks to the foster families who brought them up for the day!  Deb and Elle brought Leo and then participated in the 5k which is a fund-raiser for the Larimer Humane Society.  Kay and Dave were in attendance with Tootsie.

As it turns out, Tootsie met her soon-to-be family at this event … Jane and Jerry who made a special trip down from Cheyenne, WY just to meet Tootsie.  We’ll be posting more on that later!

I received a special treat for the day … Jaime who came up from Denver just so we could visit with her and Mae-Mae!  She’s done well in her new home and is, how shall we say … just a tad bit spoiled  lol.  Some more photos from the day …

Leo, Tootsie and Kay
Dave, Kirby (f/k/a Ruffy) and Alan
Leo ... lookin' for love!

Leo is a 3-year old neutered male who would do best in a home where he had no exposure to small children or grandchildren — older teenagers would be fine.  He is current on vaccinations, tested negative for heartworms, is on a HW preventative, had a rear dewclaw removed, and a microchip implanted.  Leo gets along with dogs and cats alike.  His ideal home would be where he had a canine friend that likes to play.  Leo is also crate trained and house trained.

If interested in Leo, please contact:  ApsoRescue@aol.com.

3 Replies to “A Good Day …”

  1. Wow, I’m so glad you had a nice day for that event! Leo is so adorable, he reminds me of my Max. Thank you so much for the comments about DAP on my blog, that was actually going to be my next thing to try, but I never thought of spraying it on a bandanna, I like that!

    What do you have hanging around your booth, the colorful squares along the top? I volunteer for our local shelter at events and it gave me some ideas, but I wondered what they were?

    Cheryl and Kirby

  2. Cheryl … I’d do the DAP diffuser continuously *and* spray a bandana for Kirby on the days he was having difficulty.

    Ahhhh, the flags … those are Tibetan prayer flags, paying homage to the breed’s ancient and rich history as sentinels in the monasteries and their importance in Tibetan culture. As the event’s participants walked by, checking out the different booths, you could literally see by facial expression who made the connection!

  3. Nice to read about your great work with the lhasa rescue! I´m very happy you are helping this beautiful breed!

    Pia Pirana

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