We’re a Bi-Species …

… household.  Specifically, feline and canine.  I’ve had both dogs and cats in residence for as long as I can remember.  What’s nice about having a cat around is I have an in-resident feline test for the foster dogs as to whether or not they get along with cats.  Always nice to be able to say, “Yes, this dog gets along with cats and dogs.”

Boogins, the current marble-brained feline, was adopted from the Larimer Humane Society at the tender age of eight weeks in 1997.  Raised with my then eight-year old Apso, Brittany, he doesn’t know life without dogs.

If owned by a cat … or simply fascinated by these amazing creatures … one must watch Simon’s Cat.  He’s nailed the feline persona in spades in a series of 12 animated films.  Definitely a must watch!

Simon’s Cat

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