Elwood …

It’s very rare that we get a quick placement in rescue as our fosters usually arrive with more “baggage” than just their food, toys and bedding.  This generally necessitates at least a month in foster care to address medical issues and work on behavioral problems with training.  Most of our fosters stay 6 to 16 weeks, depending on our assessment and how they are progressing.  Even rarer is a home waiting to take on a ‘Poo mix, sight unseen. The stars are evidently aligned just right because this sweet boy went to an experienced Apso home … long nose/legs and all … within days of his arrival in rescue.      

His new family is just delighted with the addition to the family.  Here’s the email I received three days into his new home (as a side note, DaVinci, f/k/a Sterling, was adopted from us three years ago — we just love repeat adoptions!) …          


He is an absolute little sweetheart and has fit into the family just fine.  It’s as if he has always had us for his family – he has shown no anxiety at all.  I found out on the way home from Longmont that he loves to be hugged and cuddled.           

When we got home, our dogs were naturally curious about Elwood and did their sniffing thing. Ha!  We took all three of them for a walk and when we got back all three dogs played in the back yard together.            

Elwood learned the doggie door in about five minutes and goes in and out like a pro.  He has not had a potty accident in the house as of yet and he sleeps all through the night.  The only problem we have had was when Piccolo and DaVinci had a few minor territorial disputes with Elwood.  That seems to now be over, and things are going very smoothly.           

DaVinci and Elwood have been playing well together and that is what DaVinci has needed.  He and Piccolo have played together some too, but Piccolo tires out quickly.  Elwood discovered a tennis ball in our dog’s toy box which he promptly brought to me to throw.  He has apparently been taught to fetch because he is very good at it.  In fact he loves it so much, he could do it 24 hours a day – Ha!          

Elwood is still such a puppy and he is so exuberant!  He is doing great here, and we are so happy to have him.   I will definitely give you updates on how he is doing, and when his hair grows a bit longer, will send you a picture of Elwood with his brothers.   DeLores and Lou          

And a week in to the new home …          

We want you to know that Elwood is doing great and we just love him!  He has the cutest personality and such cute puppy ways.  He has adapted to a routine that he enjoys which includes sitting with me in the recliner while I read the newspaper first thing in the morning, then when his dad gets up, he sits with him while Lou reads the newspaper, and then it’s off for the morning walk.   He loves his daily walks with his brothers, and afterwards he still has energy left and wants to play fetch with the tennis ball.  We do that several times a day with him because he has such high energy.   All three dogs get along great and love playing together.           

Elwood’s previous family can rest assured that he is a very happy dog in his new home and that his new family is so happy to have him.          


My new family ... am I a lucky dog or what!!!!

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  1. Hi, Sure makes my heart feel good to know another one has been saved. Thanks for being the kind people you truly are.

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