Into the New Year …

Now that things have calmed down somewhat and the holidays are but a distant memory, we’ll start working on getting the Blog updated.  Quite a few changes in the past few months, both personally and with rescue … lots of things to post about.

As many of you know, my father passed away in early September; the next three months were a blur for us.  Besides dealing with his death — physically and emotionally — there was also the matter of cleaning out his house and getting it on the market.  Add into the mix a week-long trip to Carlisle, PA for the American Lhasa Apso Club’s 50th Anniversary and National Specialty … a great show with lots of history.  My souvenir from that trip was a cold, the cough of which lasted 6 weeks.  Then, to top off the year, we got an offer on Dad’s house in mid November … which meant we would spend the next 30 days sorting through what was still in the house, getting it ready for closing and having an estate sale.  So now you know why you didn’t get a Christmas card from rescue this year!! 

We’re getting adjusted to four dogs in the house and Buttons seems to have settled in pretty well, all things considered.  We do note that her sight is getting worse — she didn’t have much to begin with — so that’s something we’re dealing with on a daily basis.  She’s been seen by an ophthalmologist at CSU and had some testing done.  Unfortunately, they believe she has a lesion on the optic nerve and there’s nothing that can be done to improve or restore her sight.  Matters not … she’s home, a promise kept. 

Alrighty then … stay tuned for more info, upcoming events and some exciting news!  We’ll end this with a photo of Dante and his favorite present from Santa Paws …

"I just love my new bed!!"

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