A Dog Day …

What a whirlwind summer this has been!!  Can’t believe we’re into July already … I’m still trying to figure out how/where we missed the month of March.  And speaking of July, hope everyone has a safe 4th of July … with no lost dogs due to the fireworks.  One of my Apsos is particularly sensitive to loud booming noises (thunder) so we utilize whatever’s available to lessen the stress of the evening.  A bandana sprayed with ComfortZone, a stereo or TV playing loudly, potty runs well before the big fireworks go off in the ‘hood, etc., etc.

The Rescue Reunion on June 21st was apsolutely a success!  We couldn’t have picked a better spot for the day or better weather for the dogs.  Lush green grass, lots of shade, restroom close by, a large covered shelter with picnic tables, and even electricity had we needed it!  Some photos …

 Hanging with the dogs in the x-pens …  



Magoo, meeting his many admirers … his is a pretty amazing story!


Senghe (r) and Davinci (f/k/a Sterling) …


Magoo again …


Shelter and view of the park …


 Current foster, Murphy


A Gompa puppy, Whisper …


A recurrent comment for the day was, “Is this going to be an annual event??”  Well, we’d certainly like to make it an annual event.  It’s not often that a pet owner is exposed to such a large group of the same breed, noting how different each dog was but yet so similar!  It was also nice for those of us who exhibit in conformation as we didn’t have to worry about getting a dog all gussied up and in the ring by a certain time.  Just a nice, relaxing dog day.  After the potluck lunch, there was a discussion and handout regarding current vaccination protocols. Shortly thereafter was a quick grooming presentation by Debby … I think we all learned a trick or two with that.  Next up was Lhasa Races — everyone was a good sport as we muddled our way through the race program.  Basically, if you missed our first ever gathering, you missed a great day in the park!

Longmont has a rich and diverse background with stately old neighborhoods.  Before leaving town, we just had to do a tour around the park area.  Couple homes that really caught my eye …



4 Replies to “A Dog Day …”

  1. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. My friend Donna commented “You sure can tell how much these people love their dogs” It was like a “family reunion” i look forward to the next one.
    Well done Vickie!

  2. Thanks, Judy … it was a blast seeing all the dogs and owners together. I know there were some worn out dogs by the time they got home from all the playing that was going on.

  3. Will there be another rescue reunion this year? We have a Lhasa and love the breed. Our dog came from someone who could not keep her and I would love to find another who needs a home. I would be interested in finding out more about this event. Thank you!

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