Another one home …

After two+ months in rescue, our little Emmy went to her new home recently.  We just love repeat adoptions and this one is no exception.  Trudi and Paul — who adopted Ka Tu, the little guy with the fracture jaw — opened their hearts and home for Emmy.  I have no doubt that this home will more than make up for all she’s been through.   From a starving little waif to this …

Trudi & Emmy
Trudi & Emmy

… a new family which includes canine and feline siblings.  Here’s an excerpt from Trudi’s update on how things are going …

I would say things are going great!! The first few days, Vickie, I was really concerned about her. She just seemed so melancholy and listless. Hardly responded to anything. Always a chow hound tho! which I took to be a good sign. Didn’t care about taking walks. Didn’t want to go down the deck stairs. When I carried her down and told her to potty, she looked up at me like how dare I set her in this nasty, wet grass. I was worried about her, her eyes were so blank. I think when I talked to you the first morning she had played with Tu some, running around the table? Well, even that subsided. OK – that was the first two days.

Now, oh my gawd! She’s home!!! I think she felt like she was in yet another orphanage at first. Vickie, this little gal is now the life of the household! She and Tu tear thru the house chasing and panting. I think she may end up being the alpha. The other day I threw one of the toys and Toots got to it first. Emmy runs up and bites him in the butt! Toots quit playing after that but they were back at it again yesterday evening and this morning and he’s holding his own. I’m on vacation now for a week so it will be good to really keep them both close. When I came home Sunday evening, Emmy met me with the star in her mouth and she and Tuie both danced around! It warmed my heart! Tu has a “donut” on the couch (I think it’s in his photos I left with you) and now Em is in it half the time. We’ll have to get another one – pink, of course!

Emmy has had only one accident and that was the second day. I caught her in the act, which was good. Now she goes down the deck all day long. If Tu goes, she goes. Tuie has a seeing eye hole in the fence (knot hole) just his eye level. That’s how he keeps all the riff-raff disciplined. Em is right with him. She holds her tail up all the time; has a prance to her step and a sparkle in her eyes! She even barked yesterday when the doorbell rang. She loves to sit in Paul’s lap and get long belly rubs. She no longer cries at night – not a peep. And I know Tu wakes her with his snoring! Not much different than their “human room mates!”

We are so thankful for our adoptive homes … partners in rescue, we couldn’t continue our work without them. 

8 Replies to “Another one home …”

  1. I am so happy Emmy found such a beautiful, loving home! She really tugged at my heartstrings but I could not take her. My rescue is very possessive of his Mom She had such a sad look in her eyes when I saw her, so I was elated to hear how well she has “come home” Bless you for taking her!!

  2. Emmy is so cute! I’m glad she found her forever home. We had to have 17 yr old Maggie put to sleep before Halloween. She was such a funny little dog and I really miss her. I hate being without a dog but I’m not yet ready for another one. I hope you and your Lhasas are all doing well these days!

  3. Vickie, I am so glad so see that Emmy has found a wonderful home and has adjusted. When we found her in Wichita, she was so pitiful. Her first haircut and bath made a difference, but you, Apso Rescue Colorado and your connections have made her a happy girl. Congratulations to Trudi and Emmy.

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