Meet Bubbles …

This is a courtesy posting … please contact the owner directly at the phone/email provided below:


“Bubbles” is a nine-year old spayed female, vaccinations up to date. She needs a quiet home with a patient and confident person. In the past, she has been a one-person dog. Gets along with other animals okay; would not trust with children. In addition to being housetrained, she is trained to potty pads in the house.

Needs someone who is familiar with the breed and willing to give her time to adjust to a new home. Her owner just went into dementia care so she has seen a lot of changes lately.

As a double-coated breed with hair, Bubbles will need regular grooming (every six to eight weeks at $35 to $50) so this expense will need to be taken into consideration by the adoptive family.

An adoption interview/application is required and there is an adoption fee ($150).

Spring Galmon

3 Replies to “Meet Bubbles …”

  1. Yes, lots of patience, forgiveness & love for rehomed Lhasas (I’ve had 3). My current rescue I’ve had for 1 yr; he is 15-yrs old & blind (from a ‘puppy mill’). He must be sedated to groom, will not let me touch his ‘back-end’ or brush him. However, he is very smart & is comical at times (the tail will tell you!). His mood can change in an instant, & I’ve been bit more times than I care to count…..still, I will not give up on this blind, old crabby man. Why, you might ask?? Because I LOVE THIS BREED!! And it is NOT his fault he was mistreated! Lhasas do not like to be ‘man-handled’ or ‘rough-housed’ with. I will cherish whatever time we have left w/ “Buddy”. We live in Minnesota, otherwise I’d consider “Bubbles”….

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